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VENUS*2 is an electric guitar and vocal duo that love to perform and entertain! The duo, Diane and Bruce, (along with their unpaid drummer, bass, and orchestra who remain hidden in a little box throughout the night) have been successful in the music industry for quite some years now in previous rock bands throughout NSW and through their relationship formed VENUS*2, which has been a full time working duo for over 12 years earning their living from music entirely. A huge international online fan base has sent them to No 2 in Sydney Reverb Pop Charts and No 5 in Aust National Pop Charts with their original songs. Based in the Parramatta area and travel throughout the state delivering a selection of retro classic material and original songs, blending a melting pot of the mainstream classics that have earned itself a nostalgic reputation that everybody is familiar with. Diane’s extraordinary vocal ranges compliment every song she sings and Bruce’s guitar work filling in the familiar or creative licks of each, or the excitement of guitar in the rock hits. The artists love to interact with the crowds and throw in a bit of cheeky humour with their music at times to put a smile on your face.  #macarthurgigs

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