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Vanessa Heinitz is a Singer/Songwriter with a passion for telling stories, and inviting her audience to connect with the songs she writes.

With an Indie/Pop/Folk style, she walks the delicate line of catchy pop hooks, and emotionally connecting lyrics. The biggest enjoyment from creating and performing music, is the way that every person connects with different songs in different ways.

At a young age, Vanessa was lucky to be exposed to a variety of musical skills. She learnt the basics of Piano at a young age, but even back then, she was often distracted by wanting to write her own music, than to learn the music she was supposed to.

In her early years, she got her first exposure to singing as part of a local choir. Whilst this was certainly something she enjoyed, it was once she badly sprained her ankles, and was no longer able to participate in sports for 6 months, that she joined more choirs, and from there, her love of singing grew and grew.

In high school, she picked up the guitar, learning to accompany herself while she sang, and she hasn’t put it down since. Constantly trying to learn new techniques, and always experimenting, she is always on the quest to write something that is just a little bit different.

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