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The Macarthur Gig Guide is your portal to the numerous entertainment events in the Macarthur district. The Macarthur Gig Guide operated by Macarthur Entertainment was established when it was realized that there was a need to capture all the events of the district, and presenting them on one platform…. The Macarthur Gig Guide.

There are many venues in Macarthur who provide live entertainment. Advertising these events on media such as newspapers and local radio stations can achieve the results intended however, one needs to be switched on to these media portals when that advertising occurs.

The Macarthur Gig Guide is readily on hand with events and the venues who provide the live entertainment. Take it with you on your mobile device or even present the gigs on you own website.

Yes that is one great feature. Macarthur Entertainment can provide you with YOUR streamed events presented on YOUR business website. No need to modify your website to add the updated events. The Macarthur Gig Guide will do that automatically.

Want to have your gigs automatically updated on your website? Contact us for details.

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Macarthur Entertainment is committed to promoting the Macarthur Gig Guide events on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Follow What’s On with these two applications by liking and following Macarthur Gig Guide.

Please note that this Gig Guide is dynamic in that it will grow as more businesses and artists area added. If you wish to contribute to the Gig Guide please contact Macarthur Entertainment. Macarthur Entertainment reserves the right to withhold submissions. Although this guide will be maintained with a high level of accuracy, there may be occasions where the gig dates and performers may change without notice.

For further enquiries please Contact Macarthur Entertainment.

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